Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's start this new adventure! I have had many blogs in the past, and a couple of them had a very long life and an important role in my now I decided to start a new blog about these great hobbies that I got into about one year ago and totally changed my life :) They made (and still make) me feel creative and accomplished...seeing a ball of yarn slowly turn into a wearable object is simply wonderful and somehow cathartic :)))So, what's on my needles now? I just finished a My so called scarf made in Manos del Uruguay yarn and I truly adore it, I have been using it daily and it works well in the chilly air we are having in Rome :)

I am also crocheting something:it's an Off the grid scarf made in handspun alpaca. That yarn is the softest thing I have ever worked with!

I am usually a lot more productive but I have a very very bad tendonitis going from the tip of my pinky finger all along my arm ending on my back, in the middle of my shoulderblades...believe me that's painful! I am having injections of painkillers\antiinflammatories and the pain is very slowly these days I am taking it very very easy and knitting\crocheting as little as possible.Oh, my ravelry name is Serenely ...feel free to add me as a friend!


PNWBookGirl said...

It sounds like you have some very tight neck muscles too. Do they have massage therapists easily available, or do you have to go to a spa? Massage work on the tight muscles and then some helpful strategies to keep those from tightening up again will go a long way to reducing the tendonitis.

serenely said...

massages are so expensive here and I couldn't afford it now :( I also had an allergic reaction to the injections and I am now all swollen :S but the pain has almost disappeared and I started knitting again :) I will post new pictures tomorrow!

LaaLaa said...

ma che belle sereeeeeee!!!! ma sei bravissima!!! mi piacciono le sciarpone e le berrettine fatte ai ferri o all'uncinetto :)

YowlYY said...

Ciao cara, bentrovata sulla blogosfera! I am going to add you to the list of blogs I visit and you feel free to drop by when you have time.